Fortnite Birthday Parties

We love this game as much as you do! Looking for cool birthday party ideas, look no further. We have 4 Xbox One consoles setup and ready to host a bracket style tournament for you and your friends. We have ran numerous tournaments with a scoring system that we have developed that promotes survival, game wins, & kills. Our staff will setup the bracket and coordinate who is playing who. What is there to do when you are not playing in the tournament? We have the Virtual Reality setup in the same room and players can hop in and play various game while the tournament is going on. What does the winner get? Bragging rights for beating all your friends & well throw in a free admission to PGH VR for future use.

Cost: $35 per person

Minimum Party: 4 people

Includes: Access to Oculus Rift VR Systems, Xbox Consoles, and VR Room Rental for 2 hours

Need additional room for pizza, cake and ice cream? No problem we have a party room available for rent at $100/hr

Can adults hang out while the kids play? Absolutely! We have Ace Axe Throwing located on the same floor as PGH VR and they are welcome to throw axes as long as tickets are available!



Call 412-368-8579 to book a Fortnite party



Fortnite Scoring

Scoring System
1 pt – Each competitor outlasted
15 pts – Each elimination
25 pts – Top 25 Finish
40 pts – Top 10 Finish
60 pts – 1st place Finish



Want to host a tournament or party for another game on console / PC?

Let us know!

We have 4 Alienware PC’s and 4 Xbox One setups. This setup can be expanded based on peoples interest. Shoot us an email to discuss more